Lighthouse Keeper

Who is it that who keeps the lighthouse, climbs the winding stairs waiting for strangers, changes the bulbs well before they blow, stroking a finger on the cobble stone walls while walking up the narrow staircase, while no footsteps fall behind. What kind of person waits for no one and anyone who is always there, […]

1 Year Later

This morning in the early sunrise I looked up at his wall and at him sleeping and he was surrounded by six pictures of his wedding day. Then I went in the spare bedroom and cleaned it up and found her wedding dress and veil and under slip, and I hung them all up along […]

Box of Brick

Often times I become so afraid. My mind gets lost in nowhere land and there, alone, I am vulnerable and subjected to the powers that fight for my convictions. But a good friend said to me recently, “You’re just where you’re supposed to be…..” And so I grow slowly as if I were seed “Baby […]

The Painter

Traipsing around this town looking dirty and homeless from the neck down… Splashed in all the colors you can imagine plus every shade of white that there is…. You might take one look at me and think, how hopeless…. But a painter girls’ clothing can be deceptive…. Because, before you, enjoyed your ocean view on […]

Once White Sheers

This used to be my fortress…. Long white billowy sheers Moving gently with the breeze from the open window. Long straight timbers as tall as the redwood trees lay silently on the floor dyed black where the grain stands out in patterns to move your imagination. Moonlight rests in every corner of the empty room […]

Something So Blue

-Something So Blue- Her thin quilt, from the 70’s Is not like your thick and fuzzy blankets Her sheets from my childhood Are not like your silky soft blue sheets Her ways are probably not what you would think is great But her house warm and cozy reminds me much of you. I found this […]

Just Like You

I look back now on what I painted Depression gone now elated Everything makes sense when I look at this Hindsight 20/20 as I blow you a kiss You asked do I think of you as much as you do me I won’t be so cruel to remind you why you set me free But […]